Back To the Earth's Depths

In 2010, I wrote a reflection entitled, "From the Depths of The Earth," about the rescue of 36 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days. I remember being transfixed by the story and all its emotions, undergirded with a hesitant hope.

Those same emotions, and remembrances of the story in Chile, resurfaced over the past week as 12 soccer players and their coach were found alive in a cave of Thailand.

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The Men and Woman on the Wall

When I arrived at Grace United Methodist Church in Natchez, my first appointment out of seminary, I couldn't avoid my predecessors.

Outside of the pastor's study was a wall covered with photographs of every pastor who had served the church since its founding. Identical frames with identical matting only varied in the engraved names, dates of service, and photographs within. Every time I walked by, I felt that they were staring at me. I felt like their eyes followed me no matter where I stood or walked.

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