Insight From Isaac: Walking Without Fear

After my dog, Isaac, and I were attacked by a pit bull last fall, our walks became very short and confined. Recently, Isaac decided he missed the old smells of the trail. For days in a row, he pulled me towards the Main Street entrance to the trail. I fought him for a while, told him we didn't walk over there anymore, and he would pout all the way home.

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The Gospel According to Joel McHale

When I was a seminary student, a TV show about TV shows kept me balanced.

The Soup was a weekly show on the E! network that recapped some of television's most ridiculous, cringe-inducing, and hilarious moments. From reality TV to game shows to soap operas, nothing was safe from the watchful eye of The Soup's writers. I looked forward to my pre-DVR, pre-streaming days of sitting down each weekend to watch The Soup

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