Five Easy Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, which I normally forget until someone surprises me with an expression of appreciation. Of course, pastoring is not the only occupation with a designated time to express gratitude. A quick Google search reveals when you can celebrate Trucker Appreciation Month, National Doctor's Day, Administrative Professionals Day, and Sword Swallowers' Day. Yes.... even Sword Swallowers have their own day for their hard (and sharp-edged!) work.

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Why I Sing "Awesome God"

Last week my mom and I stayed up late one night to talk about words that have lost their meaning. The English major in me lamented the overuse (and increasing misuse) of the word, "literally." Mom mourned the familiarity of the word "awesome."

Of course, we couldn't have a conversation about the word, "awesome," without talking about Rich Mullins' song.

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