Lenten Poetry: A New Road

Dearly Beloved Readers:

Thank you for your kind responses to the new website and especially to its first post, "Henry's Homily." For those of you who receive the blog over email, I apologize for the multiple-post email that went out last week. The best kind of work is one that is in progress, as this site is! I appreciate your patience as we work out glitches --a fruit of change. 

On my sabbath, I spend most of the day unplugged. Electronic devices are in the "off" position. I only start the car to go to a guitar lesson or to take the dog out for frozen yogurt. The number of hours in the day does not change, but the absence of distraction creates a new clock. One of the ways I spend that "extra" time is to write poetry. While I scribble most of the poems in a journal that they never leave, a few have found their way to the computer for revision and refinement. I came across "A New Road," which I wrote  last year, and found it appropriate prayer for Lent. In this season when we remember the sufferings of our Lord, let us rejoice that God forms new paths from the brokenness of our lives.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian (and now, let us pray....)

A New Road

We carry pieces

Of broken pottery

In the pockets of our souls.

We cling to shards

That cut and sting

As we grasp at memories:

Of unsaid words,

Of buried dreams,

Of absent loves.

Come and pry

Our bleeding fingers

From the past.

Brush the ceramic dust

From our skin

Back to the earth.

With your calloused feet

Crush our offering

To the gravel of a new road.

With your scarred palms

Cradle our scratched hands

Until the throbbing stills.

As we step forward,

Create from our pieces

A path of peace.