"Come Unto Me, All You Who Labor..."

As a college student, I was blessed with the opportunity work in Washington, DC, for one summer. Of all the museums and galleries in the area, one of my favorites to frequent was the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I would spend hours looking at art, writing in my journal about what I saw, and forming some of those reflections into poems.

One piece that especially moved me was Rest In The Peace of His Hands by Kathe Kollwitz. I came across a poem that I wrote about the piece and found it an appropriate meditation for the Labor Day weekend. A few revisions later, I hope that you will find rest from your labors in both this image from the museum's website and these words below.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian

A Meditation on Kathe Kollwitz’s Resting In the Peace of His Hands

The woman has no arms:

Only a face

Wrapped in stone cloth,

Only a fist

Clenched on silent chest.

His arms come to her,

Descending in light

And emerging from shade.

In tones of bronzed earth

His cloak covers her.

Her eyes close.

She awakens

To the peace of his hands