Sacred Corners

On the first day of every month, I try to set aside all or part of the day simply to be with God.

It is not always easy to step away from the ding-a-ling of text messaging and the rustle of unfixed papers. It is not easy to turn my mind from sermon preparation to lectio divina. We're so geared towards productivity in our society that a few hours of the day spent in quiet and meditation can feel like a waste of time. 

Yet Jesus only walked on the water after spending time praying alone to God on the mountain.

Yet Moses only returned to camp to teach the Israelites after speaking with the Lord face to face.

Yet Saul only became Paul after three days of fasting in the blinding light of Jesus Christ .

No matter how efficient and energetic I feel, I try to recall these stories of Scripture when the first day of the month rolls around. Stories of power drawn from spending time in God's presence. Stories of how desperately we need time with God in order to use the gift of time wisely. They remind me of how desperately I need time alone with him on behalf of the church.

This past Tuesday, I decided to remain in the church building for these hours apart with God. Starting on the third floor and working my way downstairs, I opened every door and walked into every room. I tried (and sometimes failed) to cross each threshold slowly and simply to observe God's presence in this place. I got distracted by peeling paint and dead bugs in ceiling lights, but I also discovered sacred corners in this careful, prayerful pilgrimage.

The vast majority of rooms in the church serve specific purposes, from Sunday school to storage to daycare classrooms, But within these rooms were unused corners. There were closets and entries whose doors rarely opened. I wondered about the history of these nooks and crannies. How have they served the mission of the church in years past? How might we activate them for the future?

No space is too small to cause a big impact in the world.

No congregation is too small to bring big changes in the world

No person is too small to make a big difference in the world.

As much fun as I had listening to God through a building, what gives life to the building is the Holy Spirit working through its people. A variety of gifts sit on the pews each Sunday, and how much better the world would be if we put those gifts to work. As every corner of this church is holy, each person is set apart for certain purposes, too.

How might all of our churches activate our spaces and people to share the gospel?

What are the sacred corners of your life that could strengthen this great building that is the body of Christ?

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian

A little-used vestibule is now the sacred headquarters for serving Holy Communion to our homebound members.

A little-used vestibule is now the sacred headquarters for serving Holy Communion to our homebound members.