Feasting on the 23rd Psalm

When they had gone ashore, they saw a charcoal fire there, with fish on it, and bread.
— John 21:9, New Revised Standard Version
Photography by Brent Bourland. 

Photography by Brent Bourland. 

Over an open flame

You prepared a meal

In the presence of us,

Your enemies:

The deniers,

The abandoners,

The forgetful.

You called us

From the shore,

Beside still waters,

To lead us on a path

We kept avoiding.

You asked us

To catch the fish,

But we were in want

Until you shepherded us

To the other side of the boat

With a familiar command.

Before we could feed you,

You provided us bread.

Before we gave you fish,

You fed us of your own catch

To restore our souls.

Together with you

Our aching bodies healed

As the fire crackled

And the smoke of offering rose

In an aroma of goodness and mercy

That follows us

As we follow you

All the days of your life.

Photography by Brent Bourland.

Photography by Brent Bourland.