Step By Step Sunday Stay-cation with Paw-stor Isaac

I had a Sunday off this weekend, and instead of loading dog & essentials in the car for a road trip, we stayed close to home. No matter the distance, Isaac understands the need for step-by-step guidance in order to rest in God. Enjoy his directions.


1. Acknowledge that you should not throw tennis balls in the house.

2. Confess that you have stolen your pet parent's blanket, and offer to share it.

3. Be very, very still and believe that she will not find that tennis ball in your mouth.

1. There's a Scripture in Acts 8 where an Ethiopian eunuch says to the apostle, Philip, "Hey! Water! Why can't I be baptized?"

2. Pull your pet parent to the waters because, "Hey! Water! Why can't a pup be baptized?"

3. Never mind. This smell is much more interesting. We'll save the baptism for a Sunday when she's working.


1. Even if you're on a Sunday-cation at home, like Peter said, "Be sober. Be vigilant. Your enemy the squirrels roam in the backyard seeking acorns they may devour."

2. Confess that you adapted that Scripture to fit your context. 

3. Always be on guard, but it's okay to wear your old slippers sometimes.

1. Consider the lilies of the field, or in my case, the wildflowers of West Point.

2. Like Jesus said, they don't worry. Neither do I. Why should you?

3. Take off running through those wildflowers. You might blend in with them--worry-free.


May your stay-cations, Sunday-cations, and vacations abound with the sabbath of God's Word alive all around you. And may the pups, lilies, squirrels, waters and tennis balls of play make you to lie down in green pastures.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian & Paw-stor Isaac