Seeking Sabbath with Paw-stor Isaac

At the beginning of this week, I was ready to go off the map for an indefinite amount of time.

Good-bye, social media.

Take a hike, “breaking news” alerts.

Go away, people yelling at each other on the radio.

The approach of the Senate hearing in Washington, DC, on Thursday made my ears hurt from hearing too much from too many people with too many opinions.

Stepping back from news and social media comes easily for me. Disconnecting feels good and is life-giving, and I’ve written about the benefits of unplugging many times. As I was preparing a message for my Facebook page on Monday about needing to pull away, a question stopped my typing mid-sentence: what good would pulling away do?

In times of negativity and divisiveness, more than ever we need to find ways to do good — and to share God’s goodness in the world.

So, I reluctantly watched the news. I scrolled through the feeds. I read articles and clicked on alerts. I tried to share stories of God’s good news on social media, such as how a dog named Wili inspired many to give to worthy causes and how women find long-term stability and employment through a ministry that lives love’s healing power.

I stayed connected, but I also made a point to disconnect everyday. Instead of seeking sabbath that would involved stepping back for hours or days at a time, Paw-stor Isaac helped me seek out moments of sabbath within each day: moments that involved music, photographs, silly television shows, and conversations with good friends. Here we share a few of those moments from the week. Click on the song title to link to You Tube recordings.


Tues. 09/25

Just call us Simon and Bark-funkel. We’ve gone to look for “America.”


Thurs. 09/27

The Psalms go so well with “Don’t Stop Believing.”


Sat. 09/29

New toys from your family in California are the best of new friends, and “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.”

May we all seek Sabbath within our days with the same wide-eyed wonder of creation. Especially when we feel surrounded by bad news, let us remember we’ve been created as instruments of God’s good news in the world.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian (And Paw-stor Isaac)