The First Week of Lent

The changing of seasons always stirs me to some kind of sprucing or cleaning around the house, especially as spring dawns. With a burst of sunshine after weeks of rain and clouds, I found myself in the most unlikely of places for one hour of a beautiful day: email folders.

I gradually began changing my work email address in the fall, and today felt “right” to start going through 10+ years of filed correspondence in the old address.




Laugh. Consider saving. Give thanks instead, and let go.


Ask myself, “why did I save this two-sentence message eight years ago?”


Encounter a sad memory. Acknowledge the sadness. Give thanks for the progress.


As I neared the bottom of one file folder, i saw a message with attachments, sent from a friend. They were photographs of the first church I served, and one in particular gave me pause: the cross in the sanctuary . The next thing I knew, a poem had emerged.

When have you encountered something beautiful in a mundane task?

Remember that not task is too mediocre for the majesty of God.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian

The Second Week of Lent

The side mirrors of a car warn:

Objects are closer than they appear.

But the cross is not as close

As it appears.

So near the ground from afar,

As I draw near, it rises:

Shining from a distance,

Shadowing straight below.

Come by way of the center aisle,

The way of the cross,

To receive the body and the blood of Christ:

These were my instructions

Every Communion Sunday,

My arm extended up.

Finger pointed,

When I named “the cross,”

As if we’d forgotten

What the Word made flesh

And lifted among us looked like.

The cross leads to the table.

The table leads to the cross.

Hands raised to receive,

Eyes lowered to repent,

We rise.

Photograph by Mark K. Brockway. Find him on Instagram at @mkbrockway

Photograph by Mark K. Brockway. Find him on Instagram at @mkbrockway