We Three Sinks

Who says that poetry always has to be serious?


Last week, in the midst of renovations, I came home to find three sinks perfectly lined up in the carport. My first thought was, “We Three Sinks of parsonage are…” to the tune of “We three kings of Orient are…”

I couldn’t get the tune out of my head, so I thought, “Why not write a silly poem-song from the perspective of three bathroom sinks searching for a new home?” It was a wonderful distraction from the dust and noise, and I was reminded how the writing of poetry can make us laugh.

So, warm up your vocal chords, re-familiarize yourself with the tune of “We Three Kings,” and enjoy singing with the sinks.

all good things to each of you,

Pastor Darian

We Three Sinks

Verse 1

We three sinks of parsonage are

Outdated and banished afar

To the carport, then the landfill

Unless we find a home.



Plumbers, builders, give us aid.

We have parts that you can save

Pipes and faucets, water closets

we can add to your home.

Verse 2

Master bath, I faithfully served

Washing hands and clearing of dirt

Toothpaste, soap, mouthwash, and Pine-Sol

I know them all so well.


Verse 3

Upstairs bath was my happy place

I was left alone most my days

And I loved it, how I’ll miss it

Life of an introvert.


Verse 4

Guest bath sink, I got cleaned the most

I was proof of excellent host

Now I’m ready to serve elsewhere

Shiny and worn but strong.