The Battle Over the Yellow Chair

Nov. 22nd @ 230PM: Worship Service at Magnolia House
Nov. 22nd @ 6PM: Thanksgiving Service for United Methodist Cluster at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church (65 Morgantown Road, Natchez). Bring canned goods for Stewpot!
Nov. 24th @ 6PM: Community Thanksgiving Service at New Covenant Presbyterian Church (130 Homochitto Street, Natchez)
Nov. 26th and 27th: Church office and Child Development Center (CDC) Closed--HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

One of the greatest blessings of Grace Church is its Child Development Center. I look forward to 2:30PM everyday when I walk to the fellowship hall for "snack time" with the kids. Joy and laughter fills the room as they partake of Teddy Grahams, bananas, goldfish crackers, or Cheetoes, to name a few of the midday nourishments.

Two weeks ago, one corner of the laughter was not so joyful. Two young ones decided that they deserved one of the yellow chairs. Granted, there were at least three other yellow chairs available, but this particular plastic must have contained an unseen treasure, judging by their attraction to it. They yelled, they screamed, they glared, and they pulled at it until a teacher called a truce to the battle. Neither one gained possession of the yellow chair.

The writer of I John addresses reminds us that we all are still children in many ways when he writes, "Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action" (I John 3:18). We are still learning and still growing spiritually no matter how old our physical age might be. I invite you to pause today and read I John 3:18-24 and answer the following questions for yourself.

1. Am I becoming angry about things that are not very important?
2. What are the "yellow chairs" that so occupy our minds that we lash out at others?
3. Onto what are we holding so tightly that there is no room in our fists for open-handed love?

May you abound in mercy and grace today --and every day--through Christ our Lord.

In grace,
Pastor Darian