Welcome to Grace!

Never say never.

That's a timeless lesson that I've re-learned through the creation of this blog. As an old-fashioned fan of journaling, I pour my thoughts, musings, and reflections onto the blank pages at the end of every day. The idea of putting those thoughts on the internet was more than I could fathom! I vowed that I would never enter the wide world of web writing.

I should have known better. The last time that I said I used the word, "never," was in a conversation with God. As I prepared to go to college and wrestled with a call to ministry, I told God that I would (a) never go to seminary, (b) never preach, and (c) never return to Mississippi.

As a seminary graduate who now preaches at a church in Mississippi, I hope that God is chuckling.

Even though I still don't feel comfortable using a blog for my personal interest, what a wonderful realm of communication it is for the church. Here at Grace United Methodist Church, our mission statement concludes with the affirmation that we will "respond to God's command to take God's love to all people." By sharing the happenings of our church, advertising upcoming events, and providing nuggets of spiritual truth, this blog is one way in which we can put our mission statement into action.

Please check back regularly as we take Grace to the world through the web. If you are in the Natchez area, please join us for Sunday school at 9AM and worship at 10AM.

In grace,
Pastor Darian