Advent Conspiracy


Wednesday, Dec. 9th: Midweek Communion in the Upper Room (5:15PM)
Wednesday, Dec. 9th: Finance Committee (7:15PM)
Thursday, Dec. 10th: Child Development Center Board (5:30PM)


There's a video floating around the web that has received of attention recently. "Advent Conspiracy" invites us to "spend less" and "give more" this Advent season as the world asks us to do the opposite. As we set aside time for stillness this season, I encourage you to visit the Advent Conspiracy website, watch the promotional video, and browse the information provided there. There you will find suggestions for living out the Christmas story in the 21st century--by giving, worshipping, and loving.

Once you have browsed the site, read the parable of the widow's mite in Luke 21:1-4. Ask yourself these questions in light of the Scripture passage and the Advent Conspiracy site:

1. How can I "spend less" this Advent season?
2. How can I "give more"?
3. How can I "worship fully"?
4. How can I "love all"?

In joy & peace,
Pastor Darian