Christmas Sense


Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st: Grace Church Office & Child Development Center Closed. Happy New Year!
January 6th: Men's Bible Study & Prayer Group begins! 7:30PM in the fellowship hall.


Someone recently gave me a copy of Richard Paul Evans' The Christmas Box. It is a beautiful interpretation of the meaning of Christmas, but there was one passage in particular that captured my attention. The three main characters are gathered around a fire, asking each other the same question. That question is, "What is your favorite sense at Christmas?" One woman described her love of sound at Christmas time--everything from ringing bells and Christmas carols to the creaks of hardwood floors in an old house. One man described the smells--from food to greenery to tape on the Christmas gifts. As the characters describe in detail the senses, I began asking myself the same question. What was my favorite sense at Christmas time?

I'm still trying to answer that question.

The good news for the Church is that the Christmas season does not end on December 26th. Even as Rudolph makes his descent from rooftops, as the wreaths return to their hiding place, Christmas has only just begun for those who believe that a Savior has been born. Now it's time to watch the baby grow. It's time to take in all the senses of a world changed by love's greatest gift.

How has Christ transformed you in the days leading to Christmas? What senses of Christmas do you want to savor and carry into the new year?

Read aloud Matthew's account of Jesus birth in Matthew 1:18-25. Compare it to Luke's account. What do you hear? What do you see? What would you like to touch? What do you smell? As you speak the words aloud, taste God's goodness. Make a New Year's resolution to maintain these alert senses throughout Christmas and in the year to come.

In grace,
Pastor Darian

(Richard Paul Evans' book was published in 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Richard Paul Evans Publishing Co.)