Midweek Communion: Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 5:15PM (Upstairs Chapel)
Church-wide Christmas Dinner: Wednesday, Dec. 16th, at 7:15PM. Entertainment by Rev. Fulton McGraw
Christmas Cantata: Sunday, Dec. 20th, at the 10AM worship service
Fellowship Luncheon following the 10AM worship service on Dec. 20th


In 1739, Charles Wesley wrote a hymn that has become a favorite Christmas carol. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" was one of over 6,500 hymns that Wesley wrote during his lifetime. While many of us can sing the first verse from memory, we sometimes muddle our way through the two theologically-rich verses that follow. However, Wesley originally wrote FIVE verses. Take a moment to click here and read the song in its original entirety. (If you don't want to listen to the music, hit the pause button at the top of the page).

Alongside these words, read John 1:1-9 in anticipation of God becoming flesh and dwelling among us. How can you "bring light and life into the world"? How can we be the "healing wings" that Christ brought into the world? Take time to sing this wonderful song this season, with jubilant voice, and give thanks for the salvation that has come near to us.

In grace,
Pastor Darian