The Big Freeze


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Pastor-Parish Relations Committee: Sunday, Jan. 10th at 5PM in the parlor.

Birthday Party: Wednesday, Jan. 13th at 3PM in the fellowship hall

Child Development Center Board: Thursday, Jan. 14th at 5:30PM in the parlor


In Natchez, cordial greetings usually sound, more or less, like the following:

Person A: Good morning! How are you?
Person B: I'm just fine, and you?
Person A: Can't complain!

Over the past week.... the content has shifted to more of the following:

Person A: Good morning! Cold enough for you?
Person B: I'm freezing.
Person A: Yeah, me too.

Mississippi is experiencing a frigidity that hasn't occurred in years. It's the unavoidable topic of conversation because, quite frankly, we're just plain cold. In an area of mostly mild temperatures, we have undergone a drastic change in season.

The writer of Ecclesiastes was well-aware of seasonal change--but not in terms of weather. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is a familiar passage that we've heard and sung to remind us of the different seasons of life. As we begin the year 2010, take time to read this passage and think about the different seasons that await us this year. Which ones did you experience last year? What do you wish to experience this new year? How can you prepare for all of life's season?

The cold can be bitter; but it also drives us into a place of warmth. May we gather around the fire of God's love and allow God's presence to keep us safe in an ever-changing world. Whatever the season, whatever the time, let us resolve to remain close to God throughout this New Year.

In grace,
Pastor Darian