Christmas during Lent?


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When I was in college, I briefly considered a career in journalism while working for the campus newspaper. The key word in that sentence is "briefly." As much as I enjoy writing and revising, attention to semantic detail is not my full-time calling. Before worship yesterday, I received confirmation of my erring editing. For the first time, I had prepared the church's monthly newsletter on my own. Laughing, someone pointed to a date on the church calendar. I had labeled February 26 as "Christmas Day"-- a detail from the December calendar that I had neglected to delete. Not only did this typo provide a comical start to the day, but I also said an extra prayer of thanksgiving for the church's secretary who does fulfill the calling of organizing & editing our monthly publication.

As we approach the season of Lent, Christmas Day does seem like it was a long time ago. We've moved from cradle to wilderness in a rapid amount of time. The celebration of birth quickly transitions to the grief of impending death. But the miracle of Christmas day is one that follows us throughout the Christian year. God has become a mortal so that we might participate in God's immortal life. Eternal life first requires going to the cross with Christ, and that is what we are preparing to do as Lent approaches.

Read Colossians 1:15-23. Give thanks that God has become visible among us--and continues to be visible--through Christ our Lord. How can we carry the miracle of Christmas towards the miracle of Easter? How can we be "the image of the invisible God" here on earth?

In grace--the grace of Christmas--
Pastor Darian