The Tire Tracks

MEN'S BIBLE STUDY: Wednesday, Feb. 3rd @ 7:30PM in the fellowship hall
RELAY FOR LIFE GARAGE SALE: Saturday, Feb. 6th @ 7AM in the fellowship hall
BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Monday, Feb. 8th @ 5:30PM in the fellowship hall

Will go towards Stop Hunger Now, which is working to pack meals to send to Haiti. These meals cost only $0.25 each, and six meals make up one pack. That's only $1.50 per pack, and think of the impact that will make! Bring your offering to the altar-rail during Holy Communion on Sunday morning (Feb. 7th).

If you are interested in helping to pack the meals, make a note of these dates & locations (times to be announced SOON):

Columbia First United Methodist Church: Feb 14
Brookhaven First United Methodist Church: Feb. 28

Last week a winter storm swept across north Mississippi at the exact time that I was scheduled to travel from a vacation to teach at a retreat. I got on the interstate only to discover two visitors, Ice and Sleet, had gone ahead of me. Having only lived in southeastern states, I am not well-versed in driving with Ice and Sleet, especially when they stick around on roads. However, I do know one important rule of the road: Slow Down. All of the cars on the interstate were creeping at 30-40 miles per hour. Falling rain inhibited my visibility. But I did notice one thing--there were tire tracks in the ice from where the cars ahead of me had already made a safe path for me to follow. Combined with the sand that trucks had placed on dangerous spots, the ride became smooth, slow, and peaceful as I simply followed those tracks.

When storms come into our lives, the most important thing that we can do is to slow down--to seek God's guidance. When we do so, God reminds us that God has already gone ahead of us "to make a way in the desert." Read Isaiah 43:15-21. Remember a time that you needed God to create a "road" to guide you. Give thanks for God's provision. And seek to find those roads in everyday life--no matter what the circumstances.

In gratitude for this journey, come whatever weather,
Pastor Darian