Banjo Faith


Monday, May 10 @ 530PM: Board of Trustees (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, May 11 @ 3PM: Birthday Party (Fellowship Hall)
Thursday, May 13 @ 530PM: Child Development Center Board (Parlor)
Sunday, May 16 @ 10AM: Worship @ Grace with Rev. Noelle Read, preaching, and special musical offering from a participant in the Natchez Festival of Music--Don't miss this Celebration of Community!
Wednesday, May 19 @ 715PM: Men's Club


Roseanne Cash recently told a story about her stepmother, June Carter Cash, to National Public Radio. In the 1950s, June Carter was on tour with her family. A band who shared one of their venues was distraught because the banjo player had not shown up. As the members of this band frantically debated what to do, June Carter said, "I'll do it!" She joined the grateful band on stage and played for them. Years later, she told Roseanne that she had never played the banjo before that night! Roseanne asked her how she did it, and June responded, "Honey, when I stepped on stage, I knew how to play banjo. You can do anything when you step on stage."

II Timothy 4:2 commands us to "preach the Word. Be prepared in and out of season." Are we prepared to testify to our faith at any time? Are we ready to take act in God's love when an opportunity presents itself. As a musician & a performer, June Carter Cash was "prepared in and out of season," with faith to do what she did not know to do. Are we able to do the same with sharing our faith in word, action, and deed?

In faith, let us study God's Word and spend time with our Lord, ready to take up the banjo at any time.

In grace,
Pastor Darian