Switching Feet


Tuesday @ 12PM: Whatchamacallits (Fellowship Hall)
* All are invited. Bring a covered dish to share.
Wednesday @ 7:15PM: Men's Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)
* Special Guest, Father David O'Connor, pastor of Assumption Church & St. Mary's Basilica
Saturday @ 11AM: Memorial Service for Pete Wilson (Sanctuary)


A band that I often hear on radio stations is Switchfoot, whose songs, "Meant to Live," and "Dare You To Move," are well-known among pop and Christian music circles. What I have probably liked most about this band is their unusual name. According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, "switchfoot" refers to a movement in surfing in which one "takes a new stance facing the opposite direction." (Reference here)

This past weekend we celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit with Pentecost Sunday. That day was the ultimate "switchfoot" in which Christ-followers took a new stance as the Church. Switching feet does not sound easy. It is probably uncomfortable and scary at times. But imagine how beautiful the surfer's site must be when he or she makes that change--and has a whole new vantage point.

As the Church of today, God has called us to be ready at all times to switch our feet. Is God calling you and/or your church in a new direction? Do you feel like you're swimming against the current in a new direction? Don't be afraid. The same Spirit that fell upon the upper room is ready and available to help us change direction. Take time to read Acts. 2:1-41, and ask God in what way you can switch your feet. To quote Switchfoot, who quote the Scriptures, "salvation is here!"

Grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian