Annual Conference


Wed. 06/09: Birthday Party @ 3PM (Fellowship Hall)
Thurs. 06/10: Child Development Center (CDC) Board Meeting @ 530PM (Parlor)
Sat. 06/12: Grace UMC hosts continuing education hours for daycare (Fellowship Hall)--call the Grace CDC at 601-445-5190 for more information
Mon. 06/14: Board of Trustees @ 530PM (Fellowship Hall)
Wed. 06/16: Men's Club's "Ladies Night" @ 715PM with special guest Matilda Ogden Stephens of the Sunshine Shelter

United Methodists like words that begin with the letter "c." Christian. Connection. Communication. This week, the word "conference" is abuzz among United Methodists in Mississippi as we prepare for this year's Annual Conference in Jackson, MS. Clergy & laity from across the state will journey to the Jackson Convention Center for three days of worship, witness, and ordering the life of our Church.

The emphasis on "conference" is not a modern invention of the Church. In 1784, as an elderly John Wesley neared the end of his life, he recognized that the Methodist movement needed a new leader. Instead of appointing one person to this task, he named the "Methodist Conference" as his successor. This conference consisted of 100 preachers who would gather on a yearly basis to order the life of the Church. That initial conference has now expanded to include laity, and they exist around the world. In Mississippi alone, we have 843 active clergy and 843 laiypersons who will participate in this year's conference! Please be in prayer for each of us as we engage in this historical practice of ministry.

To watch live streaming of the conference, jUne 11-13, visit the website for MS Annual Conference, and click on "Arise, Shine, Grow!"

Grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian