It's Movin' Time

Tuesday @ 12PM: Whatchamacallits
Saturday @ 5PM: Jaclyn Jennings / Trae Jones Wedding
Sunday @ 230PM: Service @ Magnolia House


For many United Methodists in Mississippi, today is the day of transition. One of the last Tuesdays in June marks Moving Day--the day when pastors & churches live into the itinerant system that is integral to The United Methodist Church. All over the state, some pastors and their families will move into new appointment, and some churches will welcome new leaders. While Grace of Natchez is not experiencing such a change this year, we are in prayer for those who do move today.

Moving Day reminds us that in God's kingdom, we're always "on the move." God desires for us not to grow too comfortable where we are. New styles of worship. New ways of exercising outreach and evangelism. New ideas for how to care for one another. Think of all the possibilities and dreams available to us in the kingdom of God! In the gospels, Jesus is always traveling, always going to new places, and always open to fresh experiences. If we follow in his footsteps, we find ourselves "on the move" in our spiritual lives as well. In Luke 8:51, Jesus begin a journey to Jerusalem and to the cross. In your prayer time today, begin reading the gospel of Luke at this verse, and continue for the next few days. Notice the number of places and people that Jesus visits. Notice where his travels take him. Are you willing to take up your cross and go with him? It's not just Methodist pastors on the move today. As the Church of God, we must all have our "bags packed & ready to go" do whatever God has called us to do. Let us MOVE!

in grace,
Pastor Darian