Believing In The Unbelievable

Wednesday, July 21: Men's Club @ 7PM (Fellowship Hall)

An unlikely story is the best kind of story.

Danny Boyle's Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, is such a narrative. A boy named Jamal, raised in the slums of India, goes on a game show and comes within one question of becoming a millionaire. He is not a scholar. He has had little formal education. His full-time job is serving tea to employees at a mobile phone company. Yet he rises to fame in India with his appearance on the television show. The film is told in a series of flashbacks that show instances in Jamal's life in which he learned those answers. An unlikely winner is the best kind of winner--a story that speaks of hope, faith, and perseverance.

The gospel is also an unlikely story. God comes to earth as a baby. The baby grows up to become a carpenter in a region of Galilee that is economically poor and oppressed. The man who is both divine and mortal teaches, heals, and baffles the rulers of his day. Then the man willingly gives himself over to suffering and death. The man, who could deliver himself at any point from that suffering, does not do so. In the greatest feat of all, he rises from the dead. Why does God go through the unlikely? Because he loves us--even the ones who sentenced him to that horrid death.

This unbelievable story is one that we can believe in. Share the story. Share the good news. Share Jesus.

Grace to each of you. See you Sunday...

Pastor Darian