Big Hugs

Monday, July 12 @ 530PM: Board of Trustees (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, July 13 @ 3PM: Birthday Party


It's almost 230PM--a daily appointment on my calendar. The kids in our Child Development Center will journey to the fellowship hall, sleepy-eyed from their naps, and partake of snacks. This blog could solely focus on the interactions that occur with these little ones. This week, one day especially bears recounting.

One little boy we'll call "Joe" came running up to me and declared that he wanted a hug. I obeyed his command, and he returned to his seat. Another little boy we'll call "Mac" then jumped up, ran to me, and declared that HE wanted a hug. Once again, I obliged. No sooner did Mac sit down, and Joe was out of his seat again, demanding another hug. His grip was tighter, and he declared, "That was a BIG hug." Joe sat, and here comes Mac again with a "REAL BIG hug." Then Joe gets up again. Then Mac. Then Joe.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

A competition had developed. Who would give the bigger hug? With the help of their teachers, I called the competition a tie and instructed both boys to sit down. They continued to argue over whose hug was better.

Too often in today's Church, we are like Joe and Mac. As different congregations and denominations, we compete with each other instead of trying to complete one another. God has called us to a life of ecumenism--a shared faith. We serve a God who is not partial, so let us serve one another in such love. Then we'll see that the greatest hug of all is all we really need.

In the love of Christ, the biggest hug of them all,
Pastor Darian