No Room?

Sunday, July 25 @ 230PM: Service at Magnolia House
Tuesday, July 27 @ Noon: Whatchamacallits (Ages 50+ bring a covered dish to share)

In today's issue of The New York Times is the story of a house. at 195 years old, this abode has a history as wide as the space provided in its 43 rooms. While it is still a private home, some of the rooms are off-limits for the sake of preserving the historic valuables stored in there. The family who currently resides there faces a dilemma unexpected in such a large home:

“There’s a lot of square footage,” he said. “But there isn’t any room, somehow.” *

We all have pieces of the past to which we want to hold on. Historic preservation is a valuable practice that helps us to celebrate that past, and for those who work in this field we give thanks. At the same time, in this day and age, we live in a consumer's society. We're always finding new things to buy, more stuff to accumulate. Like the owners of this home, we look around one day and say, "Where did all of this space go?" We have suddenly found ourselves surrounded by clutter.

In our spiritual lives, we also find ourselves "cluttered" sometimes--distracted by many tasks as Martha was in Luke 10:38-42. Like the inn that Mary and Joseph tried to enter in Luke 3, we are "full" of so many activities that we don't have room for the Savior in our daily lives.

What are our priorities? What really matters in life? Take time today to find a space in your home or office to "clear out" for God. Make this a place where you might go to pray regularly, read your Bible, or simply be still. Don't bring work to it. Keep magazines and electronics from it as well. Give that space to God, and see what God will do when we make our time with God a priority. Let us make room for God, even when there seems to be no room. Great will be our reward!

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian