Real Life. Real Stories. Real Church.

Sunday, August 1st @ 10AM: Bring pet food for the Humane Society and a donation for the Salvation Army


This week, take time to learn more about an initiative in The United Methodist Church: Rethink Church

Visit the site to watch & read stories about churches that have found ways to meet the real needs of real people. We are also invited to ask ourselves a thought-provoking question:

What if church were a verb?

We think of church as a noun--a subject or predicate. But what if it were the action of the sentence? What form would that action take?

As we embark on the month of August here at Grace, we celebrate a tradition of a more casual, relaxed atmosphere for Sunday morning worship during the summer months. Come as you are--be real. Because real church begins with real people.

See you on Sunday.

Pastor Darian