The Bishop's Call to Read


Staff-Parish Relations Committee: Sunday, August 15 @ 530PM (Parlor)
Men's Club: Wednesday, August 18 @ 7PM (FellowshIp Hall)


Every week, Bishop Hope Morgan Ward sends an email to clergy across the United Methodist Church in Mississippi. From announcements to reflections to devotionals, these "e-pistles" remind us of what's happening the Church as a whole.

Last week, I especially identified with her reflection on the importance of reading--especially in the summertime. Books are wonderful part of our lives, and I especially enjoy hearing what people are reading. The bishop has welcomed clergy & laity to write and share with her the books that we're currently enjoying. Read her e-pistle here, and begin reflecting on which books have been & are meaningful in your life.

If there is a book that you would like to share on our church's Facebook page, please do so by sending an email to . Even if summertime nears an end, let us continue learning as we read!

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian