Sunday, August 29 after worship: Lay Leadership Committee (Parlor)
Sunday, August 29 @ 6PM: Cluster Sing-a-long (Washington United Methodist Church)
Bring finger foods to share.

Early every morning I read the devotional, Forward Day By Day, a publication of the Episcopal Church. There are a minimum of four readings each day: Old Testament, psalm, epistle, and gospel. Sometimes I read through all of them rapidly. On other days, I spend two hours on just one passage. Recently, I've run into a different dilemma. The Old Testament reading has been one chapter from Job each day, but I have not been able to stop at one chapter. Although I've heard the story of Job for many years, it feels as if I'm reading a mystery novel for the first time. Job's story is one of the most human in the Bible --a tale of heartache, encouragement, friendship, bad advice, and a whole lot of talking that doesn't make sense. It is a mysterious book, and I feel like a detective when I read it.

Starting on Sept. 12, the story of Job is one that we will "investigate" in a weekly Bible study of J. Ellsworth Kalas' book, Detective Stories from the Bible. The study will meet at 230PM in the fellowship hall of Grace Church with weekly discussions. We may not turn into Sherlock Holmes, but this time of education and discussion will serve as a chance to see the Bible to be as engrossing as a great mystery novel--a book that we just can't put down!

Sign up in the Information Center if you desire to begin this investigation. See you on Sunday!

in grace,
pastor darian