School Daze

Lay Leadership Committee: Sunday, August 8 @ 530PM (Parlor)
Board of Trustees: Monday, August 9 @ 530PM (Fellowship Hall)
Birthday Party: Wednesday, August 11 @ 3PM (Fellowship Hall)
CDC Board: Thursday, August 12 @ 530PM (Parlor)

It's hard to believe that school is back in session. This morning, as I sat on my porch, a big yellow school bus rolled by before I'd even finished my first cup of coffee. The children whose faces lined the windows had more energy than I would after two or three cups of coffee!

The excitement of something new comes with the beginning of school: new teachers, new lessons, new classmates, and perhaps even a new school itself. Change can be scary, as evident in the sad faces of little ones on their first day of classes. But more than anything, change is life-giving.

What if we approached our walk with God as if every day were the first day of school? What if we opened our Scriptures everyday as if we were opening a new schoolbook or using new school supplies for the first time? Read Romans 12:9-13, paying special attention to the "zeal" of verse 11.

For those of us in school, and those of us who graduated years ago, let us move out of the spiritual "daze" in which we often find ourselves. Let us be open to the excitement of what God has in store for us as we walk each day with God.

Grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian