Inch-Deep Christianity

Sunday, Sept. 12 @ 230PM: Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)
Monday, Sept. 13 @ 530PM: Board of Trustees (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, Sept. 15 @ 7PM: Men's Club "Ladies' Night" with special guest, Don Estes, author of Legends of the Natchez City Cemetery

Shane Claiborne is the founder of "The Simple Way," a community in one of Philadelphia's poorest neighborhoods.In a recent interview with Interpreter magazine, Claiborne points to a concern that he sees in today's Church:

"In our fervor for evangelism, we've created a Christianity that's a mile long and an inch deep, because we haven't done the work of discipleship and formation to where people are becoming full devoted followers of Christ...."

How might the local church deepen the Christianity that we practice? What are your ideas for spiritual formation and discipleship training? Read the article in Interpreter magazine, and watch some of the YouTube clips of Claiborne's interview, and share on Facebook your thoughts.