The "Lady" In Our Lives


Sunday, Oct. 3rd @ 3PM: 2nd Annual Blessing of the Animals Service
* Bible Studies will not meet on Sunday due to the Blessing*


When I was growing up, my family didn't have pets. I was scared of dogs, my sister was allergic to cats, and neither of us wanted to spend our weekly allowances on a fish tank.

Then along came Lady.

My parents' neighbors adopted Lady from the local animal shelter. Because my parents share a driveway with Lady's owners, they shared in Lady's world. And what a life it was. A typical day for Lady consisted of:

1. Lying in the sun
2. Barking, jumping, and growling when the garbage truck stopped between the two houses
3. Moving her "chaise lounge" (an old cushion) so as to stay in the sun
4. Barking, jumping, and growling when the mail carrier walked between the two houses
5. Eating
6. Barking, jumping, and growling at dogs walking down the street for evening walks with their owners
7. Sleeping after a hard day's work

Although she was categorized as "mixed breed," like so many pets, Lady was a breed all her own. She took seriously her job as a guard dog-- eyes and ears perked for unusual movement like the watchmen in the Old Testament. Lady also took to heart Jesus' 2nd greatest commandment to love her neighbor as herself. Her "woof" was powerful enough to alert her neighbors, my parents, to the same movements. She was a theologian in her own right.

God teaches us through all aspects of creation. All of us probably have a "Lady" in our lives from which we can glean not just humor but also life lessons. This Sunday, October 3rd, we'll celebrate the gift of our pets at the community's 2nd annual Blessing of the Animals service. Grace UMC is privileged to host this event at 3pm on the church's front lawn. All owners and pets are welcome. Come & give thanks for the "Lady" in your life, in whom God takes great pleasure.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian