This is the way we sing along

Monday, September 6: Grace CDC & Church office closed
Wednesday, September 8: Birthday Party @ 3PM (Fellowship Hall)
Thursday, September 9: CDC Board @ 530PM (Parlor)

This past Sunday evening, United Methodist churches in this area gathered at the historic Washington Church for an annual sing-along. Joy was in the air as we filled the sunset hour with a variety of old favorites and new choruses. We listened to the selections of each church present and listened to God speak through song.

Throughout the Scriptures, music is a powerful force. When David played his harp for King Saul, his torment subsided. When the Israelites crossed over the Red Sea, Miriam picked up a tambourine and Moses led a song of praise for God's saving power. When Isaiah was overwhelmed with the sin of God's chosen people, his song of the vineyard called them to repentance

Comfort. Celebration. Conviction. These are some of the effects that music bring.

When did a song, a hymn, a musical selection speak deeply to your spirit & soul? How were you changed?

Visit our Facebook page and share your stories of favorite hymns and praise songs. Let us go forth with singing!

in grace,
Pastor Darian