The Aroma of Worship

Altar Guild: Sunday, Oct. 10 @ 11 AM (Parlor, following worship)
Detective Stories of The Bible: Sunday, Oct. 10 @ 230PM (fellowship hall)
Board of Trustees: Monday, Oct. 11 @ 530PM (Fellowship Hall)
Birthday Party: Wednesday, Oct. 13 @ 3PM (Fellowship Hall)
CDC Board: Thursday, Oct. 14 @ 530PM (Parlor)

This morning I was in the local coffee shop when a friend & fellow patron came in. As always, he greeted me with a hug, we chatted, and then we went to our separate tables. But a part of my friend remained with me because he wears a distinctive cologne. Every time he hugs me, the fragrance of the cologne remains on my sleeve. Even though we went into our separate ways, I was reminded of his presence in my day.

When we spend time with Jesus Christ, in close communion with him, there is an "aroma" left on our lives as well. We can't help but notice a difference on our lives, and others will notice it as well. Have you spent time today so close to Jesus that you can still "smell" his presence an hour or two hours later? As we take time to read Scripture, to pray, to worship, and to engage in acts of charity, let us do so slowly & intentionally enough that the scent of Christ remains with us--and changes us.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian