Avoiding the Christmas Rush

Sunday, October 24 @ 11AM: Altar Guild (Parlor)
Monday, October 25 @ 6PM: Administrative Council (Fellowship Hall)
Tuesday & Wednesday, October 26-27: Pictorial Directory Photos

According to USA Today, Christmas has arrived early this year. Decorations have already been spotted in a store near Detroit, Michigan, and reactions have varied. Some are in disbelief of the rush to decorate. Others are irritated by the consumerist society. Many are panicked as the stress of shopping descends upon their minds.

The Church has a unique response to Christmas's rush: to slow down. As green and red line the shopping aisles, parishes prepare by ordering Advent candles and draping the sanctuary in blue and purple. Greenery arrives with little embellishment. We do all of these things with one purpose in mind: to welcome the Christ child.

Perhaps we could see these decorations as an opportunity to prepare our hearts and minds for the season that approaches. Let us not become agitated by the rush but rather calmed by the coming presence of God. Another year has rolled around, and we can celebrate another year of God's divine presence here on earth--in the human form of an infant. As Advent approaches and Christmas soon follows, let us be intentional to prepare for a slowing down, not a speeding up. For God is with us. And that is something to which we can always look forward.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian