From The Depths of the Earth

Sunday, Oct. 17 @ 230PM: Detective Stories of the Bible (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, Oct. 20 @ 7PM: Men's Club (Fellowship Hall)
Thursday, Oct. 21@ 7PM: Southwest MS Mental Health Meeting at Grace (Fellowship Hall)


Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
If I go to the heavens you are there.
If I make my bed in the depths, you are there.

Psalm 139:7-8 (New International Version

This week international attention has focused on the nation of Chile. Thirty-six miners, trapped far below the earth's surface for over 60 days, are shuttled one-by-one from the depths of the earth. Prayers around the world have been answered as each man returned safely. It is truly a remarkable story with deeply spiritual lessons for us.

The psalmist speaks a truth that is beautiful but sometimes difficult to accept: "You are there." As each hour slowly passed below the earth, with seemingly no end in sight, was God really there? Surely the men struggled with this question. Surely we, who watched from the comfort of our homes, wondered where God was in all of this. Now, as the physical rescue has come to an end, psalms of praise and thanksgiving to God abound. We realize what the psalmist did. YES, God was there. And YES, God is here. We serve a God who is as present in the low points of life as high, who is with us in the hells as well as the heavens.

As the men receive medical treatment and return to their homes, our prayers should not end. Once confined, they must readjust to freedom. Once in darkness, the are reunited with the light. Physically, emotionally,and spiritually they have lived in a "pit" that is difficult to imagine. Psychologists will monitor them closely, and let us pray that their bodies, minds, and spirits are renewed to wholeness in these days that follow the drama of rescue. Let us not be a forgetful people but those who always remember that we've all been saved from the depths of the earth --by a God who is here, there, and everywhere.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian