Familiar Voices

Sunday, Nov. 7 @ 1105AM: Organizational Meeting for Breakfast with Santa/Share Our Blessings (Parlor)
Monday, Nov. 8 @ 530PM: Board of Trustees (Fellowship Hall)
Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 1PM: Lois Elkin / Lydia Circle (Home of Bobbie Sanders)
Wednesday, Nov. 10 @ 3PM: Birthday Party (Fellowship Hall)
Thursday, Nov. 11 @ 530PM: CDC Board (Parlor)

Charlie O'Donnell passed away earlier this week. I did not know Charlie's name until reading his online obituary, but I certainly knew his voice. Charlie was the long-time announcer for the game show, Wheel of Fortune. When I was growing up, the show would come on after the evening news as my family either prepared to eat dinner or would finish eating. Even though I was not a big fan of the show, I knew when it came on that it was time to be with family. Charlie's voice was a part of my daily life, yet I never knew his name.

On All Saints' Sunday we remember the voices that have faded into the heavenly chorus over the past year. As we gather in communities of worship, names are called. We might recognize some. Others will be unfamiliar. But behind each name is a saint loved by God--and loved by someone(s) in that sanctuary. As we pause after each name is called, let us remember that each voice matters. Let us acknowledge the silence as a passing of their voice in this lief. And as we celebrate the Eucharist, let us look forward to a future feast of all God's saints--our hope and our assurance.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian