Listen for the "Hallelujah"

George Frideric Handel is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Around this time of year, he joins me at work on a daily basis to dig through the sacred texts of Advent. He reminds me of a darkness covering the earth. He announces the pending birth of a child. He discovers a road in the wilderness. His musical interpretations of Scripture began years ago, but each year I feel as if I'm hearing them for the first time.

Last weekend, some shoppers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, unexpectedly ran into Handel at the mall. While browsing the aisles of cosmetics and clothing, they heard an organ, followed by 650 voices declaring in song an ancient praise song: HALLELUJAH! Take some time to watch the video of this event--not just for the timeless beauty of the music but also to watch people's reactions. When they're not recording a video of the event on their smart phones, many are singing with Handel.

As we move towards the Thanksgiving holiday and the subsequent Advent season, we too should join in the angels' chorus. But that song should not be confined to a Sunday morning worship service. "Hallelujah" belongs in the malls. "Hallelujah" belongs in the parks. "Hallelujah" belongs in our homes. This week, take time to say that word every day in a different location. Pause and think about God's presence in our lives. And give thanks--for "He shall reign forever and ever--King of Kings and Lord of Lords!"

in gratitude for each of you,
Pastor Darian