Calling All Squids


Wednesday, December 15 @ 7PM: Church-Wide Christmas Party sponsored by the Men's Club (Fellowship Hall)

Sunday, December 19 @ 10AM: Chancel Choir Cantata followed by a Fellowship Luncheon
Bring a covered dish to share!

Friday, December 24 @ 5PM: Christmas Eve Holy Communion Service

* The CDC & Church Office will be closed Friday, December 24 & Monday, December 27 in honor of the Christmas holiday.

As Christmas nears every year, certain films come out of their dusty DVD cases or appear on television in the evenings. There are the classics like It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street alongside children's favorites, The Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

A few years ago, another film made its way into my library of holiday favorites. Love Actually is a comedy that follows families around London as they prepare for the holidays. Everyone from the prime minister to a local caterer to a once-famous crooner gets caught up in the pressures of family and work. One particular family includes two children who will be in their school's Christmas play. Their mother asks them which part they will play. While she was probably expecting a reply of Mary, Joseph, shepherd, or sheep, her daughter replied, "I'm the lobster!"

Bewildered and a bit facetious, the mother says, "Was there a lobster present at the birth of Jesus?"
Her daughter bunches her eyebrows and says, "DUH! YEAH!"
The school had far more students than there were characters in the traditional Christmas story. So, lobsters, octopi, squid, and other sea creatures joined in welcoming the Savior for this one night.

When we stop and think about it, why not have all of God's creatures present at the birth of Jesus--from swimming to crawling to flying to walking creatures? It was the culmination of creation. A once-perfect world was being restored through the birth of a baby. Everyone and everything is invited to join the celebration! He came to us in a manger with sheep as witnesses and stars as a GPS system. He came for all of creation, so let us as part of that creation give him praise and adoration--whether we're a lobster, an ostrich, or just who we are.

in gratitude for each of you,
pastor darian