Awards or Rewards?


I love this time of year. The Academy Award nominees were announced in Los Angeles at the beginning of the week, and I quickly printed a list of the ten films nominated for Best Picture. I am working on a plan of how to see all of them before the show airs on February 27.

Then I asked myself, "What won 'Best Picture' last year? Who was the Best Actor? Best Director? " I stopped to think. I thought some more. Without resorting to "googling" the answers, I was determined to search the recesses of my memory until I remembered. One year ago, the answers to those questions seemed to be among the most important in the world for some people who followed the glitz and glamour. Now, they are a distant memory.

Trophies, awards, and recognitions have their place. They can recognize the quality of one's life and actions. They honor diligence and hard work. They are a reason to celebrate. When trophies become dangerous is when we pursue them instead of seeking after God.We are all guilty of putting our eyes on an earthly prize--something that we want to attain. But God calls us to look towards a higher prize, which is a relationship with him. From that relationship, we are to act in a way that pleases God and ensures us with a heavenly prize. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:35, "heaven and earth will pass away, but My word will never pass away." Trophies will tarnish. Certificates will fade. We won't remember who won what in which year. But in the kingdom of God, we're all winners, for we are all chosen to be God's children!

By the way, last year's Best picture winner was The Hurt Locker. Jeff Bridges was Best Actor. Kathryn Bigelow was Best Director. And yes, I did have to google the last one.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian