God's Math

Monday, January 24: Administrative Council @ 6PM (Fellowship Hall)
Tuesday, January 25: Whatchamacallits @ 12PM (Fellowship Hall)
Wednesday, January 26: Finance Committee @ 715PM (Fellowship Hall)

It's never to early to begin thinking about Lent, a season with which we often associate "giving up something." As in years past at Grace UMC, we are invited to sacrifice $1 per day. With 47 days in Lent, simple multiplication tells us that we will then have $47 to give to the Society of St. Andrew, an organization that feeds the hungry. With the high cost of food, how many meals would less than $50 serve?

That's when the math becomes less simplistic.

The Society of St. Andrew is a ministry that gleans fresh food so that feeding the hungry is less expensive. With $47, the Society is able to provide 2,000 servings of food.

Don't reach for your calculator because these are God's mathematics. It's hard to imagine that such a small sacrifice would have such a big effect.

Even though Lent does not officially begin until March 9, might we use this time to prepare our hearts to be a part of God's math? Perhaps you are not able to put aside $1 per day. Why not sacrifice the 50 cents used at the coke machine each day? Why not save your loose change to go towards this good cause?

Take time to read more about The Society of St. Andrew, and let's become a part of this supernatural equation of mission & love.

grace to each of you,
pastor darian