The Flying Baby

My first niece was born a few months ago, and I was thrilled to spend some time with her this past week. Granted, I know less about babies than I do about quantum physics. But one thing that I learned rather quickly in my hands-on course of Auntie Education 101 was that if she cries while lying down, perhaps picking her up will help. So I held her. I cuddled her, I talked to her. But she still cried. So finally I decided to get creative. I held her up over my head and began turning in circles, lifting her up and down, and saying, "Flying baby! Flying baby!"

(Okay, okay, enough laughing. Hasn't everyone put aside their pride at some point for a silly solution to calm a crying baby?)

Her eyes widened, she grew still, and eventually she smiled. We had found the cure for her blues--until I stopped to take a break from this tilt-a-whirl I'd created. Quickly, crying resumed. So I picked up where I left off. Smiling returned.

When life gets tough, all of us at some point wish that we could be a "flying baby." We just want to get away from our troubles. We'd like to run away on an exotic vacation. We'd like to escape from the stress of our obligations. But there is joy in knowing that we CAN fly when we open God's word. Psalm 40:1-2 praises God for "hearing our cry, lifting us out of a pit, and setting our feet on a rock." Perhaps when we just want to run away, the better reaction is to ask God to help us fly away. When we cry out to him, he helps us to soar above the concerns of this world.

Don't hesitate to be a flying baby. And don't be embarrassed to help each other fly. After all, no matter how old we are, we are children in God's eyes. And God loves to see God's children smile.

in grace and gratitude for each of you,
Pastor Darian