The Feast & the Party

St. Patrick was more than just a guy who liked the color green. Chances are that he didn't necessarily prefer one color over others.

For devout Christians who continue to observe holy days devoted to certain saints, today is the Feast of Saint Patrick. For the majority of our population, today is the more colloquial St. Paddy's Day. Those who observe the feast remember a man who devoted his life to sharing the good news with the people of Ireland. Those who observe the party recall an Irishman who found such significance in the shamrock that we now emblazon shirts with the emblem. Both feasters and party-goers can agree on one thing: Patrick mattered. And we have an obligation to remember why.

The story of St. Patrick is so extraordinary that this space is not enough to contain his influence in the spread of Christianity. Multiple writings are dedicated to telling his who story, but there is one part of the story on which we might focus today. Patrick was actually from Britain, but for many years was imprisoned by the Irish. When he was released, he returned home, only to discover that God had called him back to the place of imprisonment--Ireland. God called Patrick "to set the prisoners free" who had once imprisoned him (Luke 4). There is an extraordinary lesson in forgiveness in Patrick's actions--a forgiveness that we recall during this season of Lent.

Let us not forget the feast as we attend parades and parties. At the same time, let us not forget to celebrate as we reflect.

And it's still a good idea to wear some green today.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian