Crucified with Christ

Paul writes in Galatians 2 that we are to be "crucified with Christ." On this holy weekend, reflect on what that means. Think of the horror and humiliation of crucifixion. Reflect on the pain. Commitment to the death of self is not simple. But it is what Christ requires of us if we are to live in his likeness. First we must nail our old self to the cross. It is a struggle--a necessary struggle.

Take yourself to the cross this weekend. And ask God to help you leave your "self" behind. There you fill find grace. And grace will find you.


Today I saw the cross.
Black blood specks
Dampen the wood
Scraped by thorns.
Thick blood
And skin pieces
Frame the holes
Pierced by nails.
An outline of sweat
From right to left,
Up and down,
Stains a human shape.
I stretch my arms
From east to west,
Close my eyes
To death’s remains.
I only see my self
In the outline
Of the cross:
Those shreds of skin
My flesh,
These puddles of blood
My nature,
And it is no longer I
Who live.
He brushes away me,
Until I am selfless.