Eye Lifts

There is much we can learn from babies. Luke 18:15 reminds us that even Jesus, when infants were brought to him, saw in their innocence a lesson to teach his disciples. One such lesson is in the lifting of the eyes. Think of a baby that you've recently seen. In their small stature, they are always looking up, lifting their eyes to find the source of a voice or an image in the big world around them.

Adults could learn a lesson from these small friends. In our larger stature, we tend to look straight ahead to one another for help. No matter how old we are, God still desires for us to lift our eyes as a little child. Bebo Norman has captured this lift in the attached video. Take a moment to listen & to read the lyrics. As our gaze turns upward to our Maker, Calmer, and Healer, our hearts will follow.

With eyes lifted,
Pastor Darian