The River's Balance

As the Mississippi River rises here in Natchez and across the river in Concordia Parish, Louisiana, I've noticed two basic reactions among residents. One is panic: a rapid packing of belongings laden with worry about the future. The other is the opposite: an unconcerned shrug supported by the argument that God will protect us no matter what the river does. Both reactions are warranted. On the one hand, some of our homes, employment, and security are threatened by the unknown, leading to fear. On the other hand, when we trust in the strong tower that is God, we know that in light of eternity, we have nothing to fear.

But this is a time to bring those two reactions into balance. Yes, we trust in God to take care of us, but we should not ignore the common sense that God has given us to prepare for a rising river's flood. We are blessed in this region to have had forewarning to pack & store our belongings, and we should use that time wisely. At the same time, if we allow fear of the unknown to overtake us, we let go of trust in the One who is our eternal safety. Let us be a balanced people who keep an eternal perspective while we prepare for the temporal situation.

There is no better time to remind ourselves of the words of this song. Please take a moment to listen and to give thanks for the one who calms the storms within us when we are still--and let God be God.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian