The Sacrament of Lunchtime

For the past ten years, the Child Development Center at Grace UMC has served the community with childcare in a Christian environment. Sadly, this Friday will be the last day of operation for this ministry. In this Sunday's morning worship service, we will celebrate the work that God has done through the CDC. We give thanks for each child that has passed through these doors. We give thanks for the staff and their dedication to caring for the children. We give thanks for the future that God has in store for each of them and for Grace Church.

As I write this entry, I can hear the children in the fellowship hall as they eat lunch. In our modern society, it's easy to forget that in Jesus' day, every meal was a sacred occasion. Dinners were a time of intimate fellowship with dear friends and family. We have lost sight of the sacramental quality of meal-sharing--the knowing that God eats with us. Meals have become a rushed necessity. But that has not been true at the daycare. The children examine their food. They eat slowly. They converse with one another, often in a cryptic language for those just learning to speak. Lunchtime is when they slow down from play, sit still, and learn from each other.

What if we adults did the same thing at meal time?

Even when ministries like the Child Development Center end, let us not forget what we have learned and will learn from the youngest among us--for Jesus tells us that unto these belong the kingdom of heaven.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian