Bicycle Theology: Route Change

This summer, I've been riding my bicycle at 6AM to avoid the stifling hot temperatures. I found a route that was perfect in terms of difficulty and time. For the past six weeks, I've stuck to that route so religiously that it has become a routine.

Until today.

I turned down one road and came to a screeching halt at the bottom of a hill. The good news is that I did not fly off of the bike. The bad news is that a tree was down and blocking the road. Thankfully, there appeared to be no damage to the homes in the neighborhood. I got off the bike to see if there were any way around the blockage but could not find any. It's risky enough for me to be out on the road before the morning's first cup of coffee, but it's just plain dangerous to have to rethink a bicycle route with no caffeine! I stood there for a moment, contemplating whether to turn around or take another side street. The route had become so familiar and comfortable to me that I had trouble seeing any other way back home.

In the Church, as in life, we often find ourselves in the rut of the same old routes. We sing the same songs, visit with the same people, and want to do the same activities. But when we get too ingrained in the same old way of doing things, we become blind to the fact that there are other roads, new avenues, and fresh routes that we can take towards God. It's dangerous to become too comfortable with God because the walk of faith is paved with opportunities to step out of the comfort zone. God calls us to take risks. Let's open our eyes to the new routes around us. Let us not mourn the route that we've always taken but celebrate opportunities to take new risks and routes with God as our guide.

grace to each of you,
Pastor Darian