The M&M Story Continues

I found a lovely surprise at my door this week. There was a bag of M&Ms and a note that referred to last week's blog entry about the trail mix provided at the Collegeville Institute. As seen in the above picture, the M&Ms have found a home on my office desk.

As thrilled as I was to have the candy, what made me even happier was what had transpired. I had shared a simple story about how God used an ordinary item (trail mix) to reveal an extraordinary grace to me. Someone heard the story and responded with a thoughtful act of giving.

The Word of God abounds with stories, and we are invited to enter into those stories. We hear these stories, we read these stories, but do we respond to these holy stories of Scripture with acts of giving to God and one another? Does the beauty of God's Word inspire us to the point of action?

In many orders of worship, the time for receiving tithes & offerings takes place after the Scripture reading. When we stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense. The Word of God inspires us to give to God in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving, a reaction to God's loving action in Scripture. Of course, action extends beyond the monetary collection on Sunday mornings. We go into the world to live the Word. Let us not just hear "the old, old story of Jesus and his love" but let us also respond to it.

By the way, these M&Ms on my desk are not just for me. They're for sharing. Come, satisfy your sweet tooth, and let's chat more about how we might be the hands and feet of Christ in today's world.

grace, peace, love, and all good stuff,
Pastor Darian