Shaken But Sturdy

This week, the earth has been very strange. Here in Natchez, rain has been a stranger for a couple of weeks. Every time a thunderstorm system seems destined for us, it breaks apart, leaving us in a drought. A hurricane has appeared near the Carolinas. An earthquake, albeit small, shook the East Coast. This week also marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. We also remember that just this year, a destructive tsunami struck Japan, and tornadoes ripped across the southeastern US.

We could easily find ourselves depressed & overwhelmed with these thoughts of things beyond our control. In times like this, when the earth and waters seem temperamental, It's a good idea to remind ourselves of where our true hope lies--not in the ground beneath our feet but on the higher ground of God's grace. Take a moment to listen to this short but powerful song by Matt Redman, which draws from the hymn, "My Hope Is Built." Take a moment to experience peace. Take a moment with God. And what you'll take away is a firm foundation that no power of earth or hell can take away.

grace, peace, love, and all good stuff to each of you--
Pastor Darian