Bicycle Theology: Made For So Much More

For the past few months, my bicycle route has been on the main roads of Natchez. Even though I own a mountain bike, I've opted for smooth rides on the road ever since a fall on a trail left me with a sprained ankle earlier this year. But yesterday I decided that it was time to get the mountain bike back on the rougher trails. I found some simple gravel roads to which a friend had introduced me a long time ago. As the wheels moved from the pavement to the rocks, something changed.The bicycle was back on the roads for which it was made. I used gears that hadn't been touched in months because I had not needed them. It was one of the most fun rides I've taken, and the thrill came from using the full range of what the bike had to offer.

The band, Switchfoot recorded a song entitled, "Meant to Live," and the chorus simply tells us that "we were meant to live for so much more" than what the world has to offer. Like the bicycle, each of us were created by God with great potential and capability. Do we exercise all the "gears" and gifts that God placed within us? Everyday is an opportunity to live life with abundance, but sometimes we just cruise through the daily routine without embracing the beauty of living fully. Sometimes living into our full potential means taking risks and getting on the rougher roads. But when we open ourselves to that vulnerability, to trying something fresh and new, we realize that God had given us the right wheels all along. We didn't know what we had until we put them to use!

Today, choose to live life and to live more abundantly. Search your heart to see what your gifts are that you can offer to your church, workplace, and family. Look for an opportunity to try something new. Embrace that you were meant to live for more than just a routine. Get off road, and discover what's been there all along.

grace, peace, love, and all good stuff to each of you,
Pastor Darian